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Release Date: October 2024


Product Description
Customize your very own MARUTTOYS model! 

The parts included with the newly released TAMOTU Type-S are available separately as TAMOTU Type-S Parts Set and they can be used with other models as M.S.G items!

TAMOTU Type-S Parts Set includes parts for the upgraded security model of the TAMOTU robot.
The additional armor can be attached to the front and sides of TAMOTU and the additional head sensor unit can be equipped to the head.
On its back are two drones and paintball guns. By working with the drones, TAMOTU is able to efficiently patrol buildings.
The guns can fire pellets filled with viscous paint that are able to blind cameras and slow down robots when fired at their joints.
The TAMOTU Type-S Parts Set is colored gray as the parts are a collaboration with a manufacturer that sells general-purpose custom parts.

Model Specifications: 
*This is a parts set for Kotobukiya's TAMOTU models. The set does not contain the model.
・The additional equipment for TAMOTU-S comes in gray for easier customization. The kit features three colors: light gray, dark gray, and clear.
・The set can be combined with separately sold TAMOTU models to create TAMOTU Type-S.
*The TAMOTU head cover is molded in a light gray.
・The two paintball guns can be used with Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, and Megalomaria models.
・The two drones on the back can transform from standby to flight mode. They can be displayed using the New Flying Base (sold separately) and HEXA GEAR Mini Flying Bases (sold separately).
・The drones can also carry the paintball guns in flight mode.

How to Enjoy: 
・The set can be freely customized with the M.S.G, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear series by using the 3mm connection points and joints.
・This 1/12 scale model can be placed together and enjoyed with other models with different scales such as NON scale Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 scale Hexa Gear models.

Included Items:
・Additional Sensor Unit (Head)
・TAMOTU Type-S Head Cover
・Armor (Body), Armor (Front Legs) ×2, Armor (Back Legs, Left/Right)
・Paintball Guns ×2
・Drones ×2
・Drones (With Paintball Gun) Display Attachment Parts ×2
・Back Mounting Unit
・Back Mounting Unit Cover