HG Kyoukai Senki - Box No. 15 - MAILes Byakuchi Drill & Claw Arm

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The MAILeS Byakuchi from "Kyoukai Senki: Frost Flower" joins the "HG" model-kit series from Bandai! It features newly shaped large arms, as well as a large drill arm as tall as Byakuchi itself! Three of the drill parts can be moved individually. A fork bucket-type large claw arm is also included; the tip part can be moved individually when it's linked with the cylinder part. Order this amazing mecha for your own collection today!


Drill arm
Claw arm (fork bucket type)
Quadruple guided missile launcher
General-purpose carrying shield
Forearm parts (left and right)
Hand parts: open hand (left and right), weapon-holding hands (left and right), gun-holding hand (right)
Marking stickers