HG Kyoukai Senki - Box No. 11 - MAILeS Jogan Kai

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From the second season of "Kyoukai Senki" comes the improved version of the Jogan - the MAILeS Jogan Kai!

This mecha comes equipped with a 45mm rotary armor machine cannon to overpower its foes. The shields on its shoulders can even attach to the machine cannon for extra protection against enemy fire, and the outrigger in the rear skirt can be extended with exchangeable parts for when it needs to keep steady while firing its big cannon. The Jogan also comes with 40mm portable short autocannons for when it needs to attack on the move.


45mm Rotary armored machine gun
Shoulder shield (left and right)
40mm portable short autocannon x2
Hand parts flat hand (left and right), grip hand (left and right), gun handle (left and right)
Foil sticker sheet